Franconian Village Beer Tour...Prost !

You've probably already been on a beer tour or two in cities like Munich or Prague.

Now it's time to try a Franconian Village beer tour that takes you out into the countryside where nearly every pathway leads to a brewery.

The countryside that I'm referring to is the Franconian Switzerland region near Nuremberg. Franconian Switzerland is world-famous for its high density of traditional breweries.

Case in point: in Germany, there are 1,284 breweries and more than half of them (618) brew their beer in Bavaria and 201 of them in Upper Franconia.

And...73 of the 201 Upper Franconian breweries are located in the Franconian Switzerland region which makes it the largest concentration of breweries in the world.

So what are we waiting for? Let's GO!

My Franconian Village Beer Tour takes all afternoon and is never the same twice because, with 73 breweries and hundreds of beer cellars and beer gardens to choose from, I like to mix things up.

Besides, there are numerous events taking place in the area throughout the year and I like to take them in when possible.

In any event, the tour is a lot of fun and an opportunity to learn about the history of beer and take in the Franconian countryside.

For parties of six or less, pick-up and drop-off with my personal vehicle from locations within central Nuremberg are FREE. If your party is larger than six people, please let me know so I can give you a quote for the additional costs involved.

I can also customize my Franconian Village Beer Tour to take your individual wishes into consideration. Just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a quote for any tour variation that you want.

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: please click here to contact me for a quote and to check my availability.

The tour price is €675 for up to 6 people (food and beer are not included in the tour price).


Franconian Village Beer Tour

Customer Feedback & Reviews

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

As we reflected back on our trip the four of us overwhelmingly agree that the best part was Kevin.

Kevin took us one day on a beer of Bavaria tour that included stopping at a street-side restaurant that served some of the best chicken I have ever had. I STILL CRAVE IT !

And in addition, Kevin took us to other out-of-the-way places we would have never found so that we could enjoy a variety of beers!

On our second day, he took us to Bamberg, a UNESCO world heritage site with well-preserved buildings not destroyed during the war. He led us through the streets with knowledgeable insight.

I could not help but notice the cruise tours with a mass of people listening to the stock narration and moving on to the next place.

Kevin allowed us to linger at a place, to ask questions, to have the conversation go where it would go. In other words, it was not like going on a tour but walking with a friend and enjoying the day.

In Bamberg, Kevin also led us to yet another place that had an onion stuffed with hamburger and bacon dish that was wonderful and it was paired with a dark smoked beer!

Do yourself a favor and contact him for one of his tours to two, or more! It will be the highlight of your trip. So, FIVE STARS FROM ME.

Reviewed by David C, TripAdvisor

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

My wife and I were on a beer-themed river cruise and were ending with two days in Nuremberg.

We originally contacted Kevin for his Rothenberg tour since it was not on our cruise agenda and a must-see historic village. However, due to a mechanical issue and delay, our cruise itinerary was changed to add a Rothenberg stop.

A last-minute contact with Kevin resulted in him agreeing to change our tour itinerary to the Franconian Village Beer Tour. We are very happy we made the change and appreciate Kevin's flexibility.

A mid-morning hotel pickup and we were on our way to Bamberg.

Bamberg is a beautiful historic town that happened to be in the middle of a 5-day beer festival. Be sure to try the classic smoked beer and the classic Bamberg Stuffed Onion on mashed potatoes.

Then it was on to Huppendorf and the best-roasted half-chicken and potato salad you've ever tasted. Plus more beer! A great outside dining area with locals enjoying a Friday lunch. Can it get any better?

The final stop was the village of Forchheim and another old brewery where the local men were gathering to start their Friday evening. The brewery was out of the beer we thought we would get but plenty of substitutes.

With each stop, Kevin provided some local history, a few sights, and recommendations about the beers.

We arrived back in Nuremberg in the early evening, tired, filled with food and beer, and happy with a very good tour that capped off our cruise. Thanks, Kevin!

Reviewed by JLB, TripAdvisor